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Artist Spotlight on The Idiotical

Looks like the guys at MAD are already running out of good material for their Official Blog, The Idiotical… they are resorting to featuring me as their “Artist Spotlight”!

Actually the MAD gang are really pulling out the stops for The Idiotical. This is no afterthought. They constantly update with daily (and often multiple times per day) content that is a combination of original stuff, classic MAD bits, peeks at current content from the magazine and other fun garbage. They have recurring original features as well, like this “artist spotlight” thing. I wonder if my being featured this week has anything to do with that envelope I sent them containing $20 and a note that said “when am I going to be the %$#@ ‘Artist Spotlight’??”… nah—I’m sure it’s random.

Speaking of MAD, I’m behind on the art for a movie parody that will be in issue #515… so stop distracting me!

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2 Responses to “Artist Spotlight on The Idiotical”

  1. Isy says:

    really enjoyed the Mad blog – here’s a link to my husband’s blog http://www.jimnolansblog.com/2012/03/mad-magazine-founders-90th-birthday-.html. He still has all his old Mads from the 1970s!

    • Tom says:

      Loved your husband’s audio essay on hoe MAD influenced him and so much of today’s comedy. Hope to see you in Las Vegas!


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