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Sketch o’the Week

Bit of a cheat this week for the SotW as this is a portion of a job I’m working on. Park of the rough sketch, thus the very loose drawing. I’ll post the final art when it’s appropriate. I would hope it’s obvious this is a caricature of Albert Einstein.

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7 Responses to “Sketch o’the Week”

  1. Bernard says:

    Very Obvious!

  2. Robin Crowley says:

    Wow!, you nailed him! ;P

  3. RocioMu says:

    are those numbers on his mustache?
    this is great!

  4. Lee Fortuna says:

    Looks like me after a Harley ride,LOL! Looks great Tom!

  5. Bernard says:

    Tom, I tried, really I did but I just couldn’t take it anymore! I broke down ( way down) and bought your new book!

    I caught an old tutorial from your book on your blog the other day while working my new job as a gate keeper on a gas well site ( the gate is closed-Lol!) and it kinda got me back to one of my first loves, caricature drawing.

    They are 12 hour shifts so I have plenty of time to read and sketch n your tips were really helpful so today I went ahead and bought the book.

    The video on the book didn’t help me restrain myself any better…nice job can’t wait to get it!

    Back to the Basics,

  6. Calvin says:

    More obvious than some photos I’ve seen of him….


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