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More Animated Character Design

Click either above image for a closer look…

I’ve blogged before about some of the work I’ve done for filmmaker Ray Griggs of RG Entertainment, including the title credits and some (sort of) animated segments in the movie Super Capers and 3D character design, storyboarding and other work for his film I Want Your Money. I’ve been doing a bit more work for him lately on a series of animated commercials he has produced for a gold investment company called SwissAmerica. Ostenibly, the commericals are to promote investment in gold with SwissAmerica, but they double as conservative criticism of the Obama administration’s economic policies. He used a slightly modified version of the Barack Obama character design I did for I want Your Money, and I did new ones of Ben Bernanke and Pat Boone (the celebrity spokesman) for the two spots now on YouTube. He’s going to be doing a number of these commercials, and I’ve already gotten assigned some new characters to design.

The new designs are above, and here are the videos:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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5 Responses to “More Animated Character Design”

  1. kenny says:

    funny.. funny

  2. Darrin says:

    Mr. Richmond,
    These are fantastic. They are inspiring me to go beyond what I am doing now which is primarily traditional medium. I think it is about time for me to go digital. Thanks,

  3. Love the caricatures!!!

  4. Hmm… I guess they should use your drawing instead those 3D.
    Yours are far more expressive!


  5. sugumarje says:

    Wow ! Nice Character Design and 3D Commercial Ad :)


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