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Shadowhare Smackdown?

Shadowhare… NO MORE! Dept.

Readers may remember my posting this little piece about “real life superheroes” patrolling the streets of our cities making life… uh… safe for citizens. The news piece I linked to specified several heroes and one in particular, “ShadowHare” from Cincinatti, OH.

Well, it seems Shadowhare is being targeted by a gang of supervillians and a reward is being offered by the evil mastermind ‘The Dark Side” for information about Shadowhare’s secret identity. He’s serious… he posted it on Craigslist:


Hard to believe it never occurred to the Joker to advertise for Batman’s secret identity on Craigslist in “The Dark Knight”… somebody would have squealed. Of course, if I was the Joker I’d have just called up Michael Gough, who would have promptly let him into the batcave like he did everyone else who happened by in the first four movies.

TMZ reports that the mysterious “The Dark Side”, a member of the dreaded “Consortium of Evil“, could not be reached by telephone as the number to his secret underground Lair of Evil is unlisted.

Apparently the Consortium of Evil’s 401k must have been gutted by the recession, as ten bucks is not exactly one MEEEEEEEEELLION dollars. Could there be a disgruntled sidekick ready to cash in on Shadowhare’s secret, thereby putting his family and loved ones in harm’s way as targets for the revenge of all the scum he’s sent to the slammer?

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Oh… wait. They’ve been making this stuff up since 1939!

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One Response to “Shadowhare Smackdown?”

  1. Bearman says:

    $10…$10…my have the mighty have fallen. Living in Cincinnati, I wondered how Shadow Hare got from his house to downtown without someone spotting him either getting out of a car, changing somewhere, etc etc. He is elusive.

    I did my own toon on him last week. Compared to this the dark side has nothing on him.



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