Sketch o’the Week- UK Edition!

December 7th, 2016 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Prince Charles
Since I just spent 10 days in London, and I don’t have any new sketch to post, here’s a look at a few U.K. themed past sketches!

Adele ©2012 Tom Richmond

Hugh Laurie, caricature, sketch

Susan Boyle ©2009 Tom Richmond

harrisonPaul McCartney ©2015 Tom Richmond


  1. alex in San Jose says:

    That Prince Charles is great – is that … digital or analog? I love me some good cross-hatching, but I see you’ve also gone back in with white gouache for highlights, or is it all done on a computer these days? I love looking at a drawing and seeing “more going on” than is immediately apparent.

    • joemcgarry says:

      Pencil for everything but the grays… that is digital. I added that for its inclusion in the book.


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