Monday MADness: Me by Sergio!

November 7th, 2016 | Posted in General


The incomparable Sergio Aragonés regularly creates masterpieces, but a couple of years ago he did a piece for a MAD book that is a true work of genius, even by his standards. In the book Inside MAD, Sergio created a fold out spread that depicted virtually every major contributor to the magazine in it’s 60 plus years of publication. I’m not sure what the criteria was that determined if an artist/writer/editor was included, but I was grateful to be one of them. Above is a closeup of me by Sergio!

You can find an interactive version of the entire spread, complete with pop up legends for not just the depicted contributors but all the many MAD references Sergio worked in throughout the illustration, on Doug Gilford‘s amazing MAD Cover Site. It is a wonder to behold.


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