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September 14th, 2015 | Posted in Monday MADness

Monday MADnessIn honor of the start of the NFL season, here’s a look at the final art for a sports piece from MAD #416, April 2002. It’s called “Their Team… Your Team…” written by J. Prete. It is one of only four jobs I ever did for MAD in black and white, although MAD was in full color by the time it saw print. The concept was gags involving how the same behavior or situation is looked at differently if it applies to a team you root for, or for one that you don’t. Clicky any to embiggen:

pennantTheir Team… bought a pennant. Your Team… made savvy strategic moves in the free-agent market.

hail_maryTheir Team… threw up a Hail Mary pass and got lucky. Your Team… connected on a well designed “4th and 30” play.

fansTheir Team… has out-of-control animals for fans. Your Team… has die-hard enthusiastic supporters.

0for10Their Team… has a pitcher with a 1-15 record who “sucks”. Your Team… has a pitcher with a 1-15 record who’s “due”.

geezersTheir Team… is a bunch of old geezer past their prime. Your Team… is a group of seasoned veterans.

hotdoggersTheir Team… is a bunch of pyscho freaks and hot doggers. Your Team… is comprised of lovable eccentrics and emotionally charged players.

headhunterTheir Team… has a maniac on the mound who’s a headhunter. Your Team… has a fearless pitcher who controls the inside of the plate.

promotionTheir Team… needs cheesy promotions just to get people to fill some seats. Your Team… holds fan appreciation nights.

goonsTheir Team… has a front line comprised of brainless, drooling goons. Your Team… has a front line that hits hard like the game’s supposed to be played.

prima_donnaTheir Team… has a has an overpaid prima donna. Your Team… has a superstar worth every penny.3zipTheir Team… is down 3-zip in the World Series. Stick a fork in them, they’re done! Your Team… is down 3-zip in the World Series. But, hey, it ain’t over till it’s over!

offdayTheir Team… chocked big time. Your Team… had an off night.


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