Monday MADness- Sneak Peek: MAD 535!

August 3rd, 2015 | Posted in Monday MADness

Believe it or not the iPad version of MAD #535 is already out. Above is Mark Fredrickson‘s terrific cover art. This cover got a big laugh at the MAD panel at San Diego Comic-Con, where they showed it for the audience.
Speaking of San Diego Comic-Con, when I was there last month I did a couple of live demos over at the Wacom booth on their fancy new 27QHD Touch. I took the opportunity to work on an actual piece for the upcoming issue of MAD. Of course I can’t actually say what I was working on yet, but…

Incidentally the 27QHD is really awesome. I have the 24HD (non-touch) but now covet the 27QHD for both the extra screen real estate and the touch features. I just got a Cintiq Companion 2, which also has the touch capabilities, and will post a review of it soon. Briefly, I think Wacom has come up with the truly portable artist’s digital studio solution.


  1. Roger G says:

    Not a fan of covers with such limited use of Alfred.

  2. nikster61 says:

    Got mine last week just in time for the weekend.


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