Monday MADness: Star Wars Thanksgiving!

November 24th, 2014 | Posted in Monday MADness

Click image for a closer look…

Back in 2008 I did this illustration of the cover of MAD Kids, the short lived but much loved spin off of MAD put together for the Nick Jr. set. Pencils and a few closeups of some elements below, as well as the image as it appear on the cover of MAD Kids #13.

This is obviously a takeoff on the famous Norman Rockwell painting “Freedom from Want”, a popular vehicle for satire in MAD and elsewhere. I added a couple of gags just to make it more interesting, hence Yoda levitating the salt shaker, the alien eyes in Dooku’s stuffing, etc. Since the piece needed to be painted in the “Clone Wars” style I just went straight from the pencil into PhotoShop.


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