Happy 8th Birthday to Tom’s MAD Blog!

June 26th, 2014 | Posted in News


The blog turns eight today, the first post having appeared on June 26th, 2006. Here’s my annual list of the website stats:

  • Over 6.4 million page views
  • Best day ever-¬¨‚Ć 22,199 views
  • 2,931 total posts
  • over 11,200 comments
  • 388 Sunday Mailbag questions answered
  • 393 Sketches o’the Week posted


  1. Cesar Zuniga says:

    Congratulations Tom!

  2. Jack Myhervold says:

    There is no other satire cartoon art site as entertaining and instructive. It is a daily reminder of the importance of joyful, visually imaginative artistic interpretation. I know more about the core of a person from a good caricature, than I might learn from most photo’s. Thanks for the first 8 years.

  3. jailerjoe says:

    Happy crazy eight, Tom! Appreciate TMB’s consistent balance of art, entertainment and instruction. Keeps us all comin’ back. Thanks!

  4. john fisher says:

    congratulations and thanks…

  5. Leo Kelly says:

    Tom! Congrats and thanks for publishing such an informative and entertaining blog! Got the book and a few prints…will make sure to continue to support it as Ienjoy it very much!


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