On the Drawing Board- 6/24/14

June 24th, 2014 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

Fair Food finalClicky any to embiggen…

I have a couple of big projects on the board right now that is keeping me from accepting a lot of little jobs. There are pros and cons to that, but mostly pros. Here’s what’s on the board right now:

  • MAD Magazine– 5 page TV show parody
  • Book Illustrations– Working with an author on a “pitch” for what looks like a really fun book
  • Comic book project– Sort of a half graphic novel I am now way behind on.
  • Marlin Co Poster– My usual monthly assignment. Above is the final of a recent one I did for them. Pencils and ink below.

Fair Food roughs

Fair Food inks


  1. Danny Zemp says:

    Hi Tom. I’m a bit surprised to still find skinny people in the crowd. I love the drawing though. Mind me asking how big this one is?
    I like the way you show the process of how the drawing comes together. It gives the reader an insight on how much work is involved in such piece of art.


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