On the Drawing Board- 4/15/14

April 15th, 2014 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

Hand SanitizerClicky to embiggen…

Things are heating up on the old drawing board. Here’s what’s going on right now:

  • Comic Book Project- Ongoing, but going into higher gears now.
  • MAD TV Parody- Just got the splash for that. Six or Seven pages. Great subject.
  • Marlin Workplace Poster- My usual monthly assignment
  • Event poster- An unusual project, will share when appropriate.
  • T-shirt design project- Just a little thing I am doing for a good client.
  • New print illustration!- Debuts next week!

Last month’s Marlin poster posted above, pencil rough below.

Hand Sanitizer roughPencil Rough (digital)


  1. Chris Chambers says:

    Nice one Tom! It’s so good to see the sketchwork. By the way, I just recieved the latest MAD (it takes a while to cross the pond) and the artwork for your Hunger Games parody was superb! Well done. I was wondering two things – firstly, how long did it take you, and secondly, do you have to colour it yourself? The reason I ask the second question is because I can imagine the time taken to do a colouring job of a high enough standard to match the penmanship could take as long as the entire design, planning, amendments and drawing.

    • Tom says:

      Hunger Games: I’d say it takes about 2 days to do a page. I spend about one full day doing the roughs for all the pages, then maybe a day doing revisions and such. I can pencil out two pages a day… that’s full pencils mind you with all the caricatures worked out. I can ink two pages a day and color two pages a day. That works out to a little less than 2 days per page.


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