A Rare Blog Recommendation

December 17th, 2013 | Posted in General

If you read this blog regularly you will know I do not often endorse blogs or websites here… mainly because I figure you’ve wasted enough of your time reading my drivel you can’t afford to go off reading others. However, the occasional blog come around where I just have to say “take a look at this” because it is one of those rare birds that actually had something interesting to say that is more than your typical internet snark or “10 most this and that” lists.

I posted the image above in a recent Sunday Mailbag. It was done as a wedding gift and promptly lost by Fed Ex during it’s delivery. The couple depicted are Robert Sundin III and Celestia Ward. Both are talented caricaturists who live in the Las Vegas area, and do their art under the name Two Head Studios.

Celestia also happens to be the editor of my book, and a hell of a writer.

A short time ago she decided to start doing this blogging thing. This got my attention, because when Celestia decides to do some writing, it’s worth your attention. I expected some thought provoking and insightful posts about some interesting topics pertaining to caricature, publishing and illustration. I was not disappointed. If those topics interest you, you will not be disappointed either. She’s already written some terrific articles on crowd-sourcing and its implication on the illustration world, advice on reproduction rights, a report on the recent ISCA caricature convention and the issues caricaturists face with regard to exaggeration and racial stereotypes, among other things. I say “articles” as opposed to “posts” because these are really magazine articles. Calling what she writes merely “blog posts” would be disingenuous (<— see that, Celestia! I used a big word in context! Are you proud of me?!).

One caveat: if you are one of those attention-span challenged web-surfing Spicolis who respond to anything in print containing more than a few sentences with “tl;dr”, don’t bother. Go on back to your 140 character pseudo-life. The rest of you will be glad you visited beacause these are very interesting reads…

… and perfect grammar, of course.


  1. Good blog. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Here’s another hearty endorsement! Full of info and fun to read too.

  3. Mike Hasson says:

    True dat.

  4. John Sprague says:

    Agreed. Truly excellent and thoughtful reads on there. And as a side note, Celestia just won for her drawing in a group called ‘Awkward Faces’ on Facebook. You have to see it to believe it! It’s a bit NSFW. I’d love to have you as a member of the group Tom-please feel free to join us when you get the chance!


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