Introducing the NEW Studio Store!

September 20th, 2013 | Posted in News


The Studio Store on my website has been an afterthought for a long time now, but no longer! I just had it redone and it is now a complete merchant solution, allowing anyone to order any of my junk, pay via PayPal or a credit card (through PayPal), choose various shipping options, etc. It took a long time to program all the various international shipping options for each item in, but things seem to be working well. One big benefit as far as shipping goes is the site will work with USPS’s API and calculate actual shipping costs when services are available for that particular product.

The only problem is it was done just in time for me to leave for almost two weeks with The Lovely Anna on our anniversary trip. So, I can’t personalize anything or ship any products until Oct 3rd. I also don’t have time to add in a bunch of original artwork that I planned on putting into that category, as well as a few other cool things people might be interested in. That will all have to wait until I get back from the trip.

Incidentally, I realize that lately there have been a lot of plugs and pimping of prints and books and stuff like that around here. That is not what this blog is about, and this will be my last post for a good, long while pointing out that you can buy things here. The new store is a central place to go and find whatever garbage I am trying to hawk, and I’ll limit such selling to only announcing when I’ve got something new to offer. Thanks for putting up with it.


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