Sketch o’the Week- Peter Capaldi!

August 7th, 2013 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Peter Capaldi ©2013 Tom Richmond

Figured I might as well round off the “Doctor Who” sketch collection with one of the just-announced twelve Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Of course, we dont; really know what he’ll look like as the Doctor… might have wild hair, or a mustache and goatee… who knows? We’ll find out in December.

Meanwhile, don’t forget you can now get Peter added to my Doctor Who limited edition print for only $10 extra bucks!:

Doctor No. 12 hand drawn in!


  1. Wild hair and crazy beard, with that mad scotsman glare in his eye, will make for a ‘dont feck with me’ type of doctor. Sounds good

  2. Eddie Renner says:

    They could make him into a ginger!

  3. lyndon says:

    so where does john hurt fit into the lineup?

  4. kikaportfolioChris says:

    for me you are the best, and i think you don’t have idea about how much people in the world apreciate your art, i would like see more international celebrityies, im from Brazil and i dont know some of your sketches.


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