Sketch o’the Week- Norman Reedus

March 13th, 2013 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Norman Reedus ©2013 Tom Richmond

This week’s SotW subject is one of the stars of “The Walking Dead” (and one of my favorite movies, “The Boondock Saints”), actor Norman Reedus. Today’s sketch is done today in celebration of the occasion of Mr. Reedus’ annual shower, which is rumored to happen just before St. Patrick’s Day whether he feels he needs it or not.

EDIT- My twitter feed blew up yesterday with a few people upset by my gags concerning Mr. Reedus’ hygiene (most people enjoyed the joke). Good Lord, people… it’s a joke. You have to admit Norman looks like he just rolled out of bed in every picture you see of him. 🙄 I am a big fan of his, not just “The Walking Dead” but, as I mentioned above,”The Boondock Saints” is among my favorite movies and he was one of the best things about “Blade II”. If you can’t make a little fun of something you enjoy, then you need to start looking for a sense of humor.


  1. Awesome Tom….nothing says “stink” like a few random flies!!!! I would love to see ( you) & MAD do a feature on this show.

  2. Gil Dowling says:

    LOL! I was watching Walking Dead this weekend and was wondering if you’d ever do caricatures of the characters! Please do more!

  3. emily says:

    This is a horrible caricature. Makes him look like a methhead. I’d sue!

  4. I’d love to see you do a Walking Dead series of caricatures like you did for Lost!!

  5. Sato Daniel says:

    nice work, i like your style


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