Farewell Comics Buyer’s Guide

January 10th, 2013 | Posted in News


News started circulating yesterday at the venerable Comics Buyer’s Guide will cease publication as of issue number #1699, March 2013. I heard about it via the excellent blog of excellent writer and excellent guy Mark Evanier . . . by the way his post about CBG and its demise is excellent really worth reading.

Very sad to see this happen. CBG used to be THE source of news, views and insider info on the world of comics. But, like so many other sources of industry news, it was impossible for it to compete with the instantaneous and 24/7 content of the interwebby. Back in the mid 80’s when I was getting it regularly it was a weekly, tabloid-sized newsprint publication, and had not just news and lists of comic releases, but many exclusive features, cartoons, and other goodies. A friend of mine from college did regular editorial cartoons for them for many years in the 80’s-90’s, and reader’s of CBG back then would probably still be familiar with Mark Engblom‘s work. He commented on current issues in the world of comics, industry trends, etc. and did some very polished, outstanding artwork in his cartoons. If you are interesting in seeing some of Mark’s CBG work, check out this site. Fred Hembeck used to have a regular feature cartoon as I remember, and a number of other cartoonists. There have been many terrific columnists over the years as well, including the aforementioned excellent gentleman Mark Evanier. One column that was big when I read the publication was Peter David‘s “But I Digress…” as well as “The Law is an Ass!” by Robert Ingersoll.

The literal end of an era. I’d say I’ll miss it, but in truth I was part of the problem in that I ceased buying it many years ago when buying and reading comics became far less of a pastime for me. I guess that makes me one of those jackasses who sits about lamenting the decline/end of a publication he used to really enjoy and yet stopped supporting and reading many years ago. Shame on me. I am sorry, CBG. Thanks for the many years of great reading.


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