Return of the MAD Lists!

January 5th, 2013 | Posted in MAD Magazine



Awesome news! MAD Listmeister Mike Slaubaugh has decided to resurrect his MAD Lists site, and continue his labor of love after all!

I know that sometimes one can feel under-appreciated when putting so much work into something like this, but when you have the likes of Annie Gaines Ashton (widow of Bill Gaines), MAD writer extraordinaire Desmond Devlin, and MAD artist Rich Powell telling you how much they’ll miss your site (and that was just who commented on my blog post yesterday), it’s easy to see it’s very appreciated indeed.

Incidentally, now that I look at the updated lists, I actually passed Wally Wood for number of issues quite a while ago… See! I am lost without Mike’s lists. I’m currently at 96 issues, and rank as the 36th most frequent contributor to MAD. Only 374 issues to go to get to #1! That’s only 62 years away, assuming Jaffee retires as of #519. Likely he’ll still be doing the fold-in in 2075, though.

Thanks, Mike, for all you have done and for deciding to continue your great list site. You have my continuing gratitude and admiration!


  1. Annie Gaines Ashton says:

    Thanks, Mike! Thanks, Tom! You both are the best!

  2. Sam Viviano says:

    Add one more name to the list of people who are very, very happy that Mike decided to reconsider. Thanks, Mike!

  3. David Lubin says:

    Thanks Mike, great job. I’d be willing to donate a few bucks to the cause as I have to Doug Gilford through PayPal. Tom could post a link if that’s possible and maybe a few bucks will help you with your work…it vouldn’t hoit. And while your at it, how about a list of Letters to the Editors? Just wondering where my 5 would place me…LOLOL.


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