On The Stands: MAD #519

December 10th, 2012 | Posted in MAD Magazine

On news stands everywhere on Dec. 18th, in comic book shops this week, in some lucky subscriber’s mailboxes already and available digitally immediately via the MAD iPad app.

MAD # 519 (February 2013)

  • Cover (Mark Fredrickson)
  • The Fundalini Pages (Kenny Keil, Bob Staake, Desmond Devlin, Ward Sutton, Bob Eckstein, Rick Tulka, Evan Waite, Kevin Pope, Matt Lassen, Anton Emdin, Teresa Burns Parkhurst, Garth Gerhart )
  • The MAD 20- The Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2012
    1. Woman “Restores” Religious Fresco (Artist: Richard Williams)
    2. Mitt Romney’s Flip-Flops (Stan Sinberg, Rick Geary)
    3. Paparazzi Stalk Kate Middleton (Artist: Mark Stutzman)
    4. Rush Limbaugh’s Sexist Tirade (Phil McAndrew, Charles Akins)
    5. Lance Armstrong (Desmond Devlin, Mark Stutzman)
    6. Barack Blows First Debate (Idea: Matthew A. Cohen)
    7. Curious George Zimmerman (Darren Johnson, Gary Hallgren)
    8. Clint Eastwood’s Convention Speech (Artist: Ward Sutton)
    9. Amanda Bynes in Braking Bad (Artist: Scott Bricher)
    10. Octomom Does Porn (Artist: James Warhola)
    11. NFL Hires Replacement Refs (Writer: David Shayne)
    12. Ann Curry in Anchor Canned (Matt Lassen, Richard Williams)
    13. Todd Akin on cover of Unscientific Amercian (Writer: Scott Nickel)
    14. Apple Maps (Writer: Dick DeBartolo)
    15. Captian Flees Sinking Ship (Artist: Bob Staake)
    16. Facebook’s IPO (Writer: Jeff Kruse)
    17. Paula Deen’s Deep Fried Insulin (Artist: Scott Bricher)
    18. The Mayan Calendar (Jeff Kruse, Tom Bunk)
    19. Kristen Cheats on Rob (Artist: Hermann Mejia)
    20. The MAD 20 Fold-In (Al Jaffee)
    21. John Roberts is Judge Judas (uncredited)
  • The Strip Club (Alex Cline, Peet Tamburino, Scott Nickel, Phil McAndrew, Nathan Bulmer, Paul Gilligan, Jason Yungbluth, Douglas Paszkiewicz)
  • Planet Tad!!!!! (Writer: Tim Carvell)
  • Spy vs Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • A MAD Look at Alternative Medicine (Sergio Aragon?¬©s, Tom Luth)
  • The Dork Knight Reprises (Arnie Kogen, Tom Richmond)
  • The Best of the Idiotical (Frank Jacobs, Don Martin)
  • The MAD Fold-In (Al Jaffee)
  • Drawn Out Dramas (Sergio Aragon?¬©s)

In this issue I did the art for a parody of The Dark Knight Rises, written by Arnie Kogen. Why so late after the film came out in July, you ask? Good question, you’ll have to ask the MAD editors that one. In the meantime, I will post some sneak peeks of it tomorrow.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a furshslugginer copy, clod!


  1. Roger G says:

    Got my copy. No fold-in in the print issue or in the digital version except for a classic one!

  2. Roger G says:

    Oops! Stupid me. Part of the 20 Dumbest section!


New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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