Sketch o’the Week- USS Enterprise!

October 24th, 2012 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

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Not the NCC-1701(x) imaginary version, but the CVN 65 real thing. I actually did this for the USO and it will appear in their magazine On Patrol soon. Marker/pen on sketch paper.


  1. Lee Fortuna says:

    Nice Tom! Very “Joseph Clement Coll” if I ever saw one,lol! Love the B&W stuff. Did you start with a rough pencil first or started right with pen & ink? Bristol or Illustration board?

    • Tom says:

      Thanks, Lee! I did do a light pre-drawing of the general shapes and major elements of the ship, then went right in with the pen.

  2. Rene Quebec says:

    Sooo reminds me of Hank Caruso!!!

  3. Richard Buff says:

    Good stuff. Do you find “technical” drawings more difficult than people or are they about the same?

    • Tom says:

      Actually I find doing drawings of mechanical things easier. Noodling around with little details is relaxation for me.

  4. Charles Russell says:

    The Navy testing a new catapult system. May implement to the future Ford class carrier. hehe 😉

  5. Sonya says:

    Love it!! I sent it to my boyfriend on the ship!! Not sure how he will feel about the sling-shot cat though!! He provides those parts!! 😉

  6. robert ross says:

    thanks, i needed a good laugh this morning. i think that this is the best drawing of the ship that i have ever seen

  7. George Cook says:

    Very cool, Tom!

  8. Beautiful! Loose and tight at the same time. I can tell you had a lot of fun with this.

  9. bill rush says:

    Tom-love it-born in 1950 & my Son’s on the Big E now coming home soon her last Cruise Gonna have to share with him-Great work!!

  10. patti rocha says:

    Tom, I saw this sketch on the USS Enterprise Facebook page…I love it! Especially the newly designed “catapult” you have in your sketch. I read the articles & looked at all the photos of the visiting artists on board the carrier.
    I just want to thank you for going & brightening the spirits of our sailors. What a gift you all gave to go & sacrifice time and your talents to lift the spirits of our men & women while they served our country. I hope my daughter was in the ones to get a caricature done…of course I scanned the photos looking for her & didn’t see her, but then again, there’s only more than 5,000 sailors on board!
    Thanks again, & LOVE LOVE LOVE your “sketch-o’the week”!

    • Tom says:

      As with all the USO tours I have been lucky to be a part of, it is always my pleasure and privilege to get to meet and draw for the men and women serving our country. They are heroes.

  11. Andrea says:

    Congratulations Tom, for this superb drawing and for the whole USS Enterprise adventure!
    I have found the Facebook pictures:

  12. Oh! Just amazing! I really like this different sketch! How long did it take to do it? (I know my english is not very good)

  13. jailerjoe says:

    I tremble when having to render anything mechanical or motorized! IMPRESSIVE, Tom!

  14. G says:

    I served on her from ’97-’03, great job!!!

  15. cybergoulion says:

    Awsome drawing! Is it playing angry tomcats or something?


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