Wacom Cintiq 24HD- A Video Review

July 5th, 2012 | Posted in General

I mentioned in a blog post the other day that I had a new toy in the studio. . . actually it’s no toy. The Wacom Cintiq 24HD is waaaaay too big to be a toy.

I wasn’t planning on upgrading my Cintiq as my 21ux, while the original square-screened model and about 7 years old, was still chugging along. However I recently did a book illustration job that was a pretty good payday, so I decided to take the plunge. I’m glad I did. Here’s something new. . . a video review!



  1. Great video, Tom. Can I have your old cintiq?

  2. David Lubin says:

    Tom, not being an artist, my buttons couldn’t be pushed when you were playing with your buttons. How about a demo video and show us how you actually draw a piece, color within the lines…bringing back memories of childhood with our old Crayolas… and produce a final product? That’s what I’d be entertained by.

  3. Leandro says:

    Wow I never had a chance to taste one of those beautiful Cintiq.

    I heard that was a small delay on the old models. You noticed something considerable?
    On the video it looks very fast time response.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with it and would be cool to see you producing something (even if was a simple sketch).

    Are you using it only for coloring or it shows good inking results as well?


  4. Lisa says:

    That’s great that you can position it like a drafting table surface! I have the older Cintiq at work, and I LOVE it, although I have to put a mousepad under my elbow because of how it sits on my desk. Still, love it beyond words, because it makes my photo retouching and painting go about 20 times faster. Thanks so much for the review!

  5. jailerjoe says:

    I’m just figuring out my Tracfone. Amazing technology and well delivered review, Tom. Do a couple hours of hands-on lessons come with the 21ux? You could always show it to Chumlee.

  6. Paul McCall says:

    Great review Tom.
    Does it still get warm after a few hours use?
    The button and wheels look good but I can still do all that using the Nostromo Gamepad that Mark Fredrickson got me started using.

  7. Peter Davis says:

    Excellent video and review, Tom. It’s great to see this in action, given that there are so few opportunities to actually try it out. It’s definitely going on my wishlist.

    One question: Can you rest your hand on the screen while drawing? It looked as though you were, but I couldn’t tell for sure.


  8. Patrick Simmons says:

    I just bought a new 24HD last week as well.. and its true what they say about technology, its outdated as soon as you remove it from the box!


    That said, I’m not sure the touch feature is worth an extra grand.

    • Tom says:

      I saw that today also. I’d be interested in the extra colors of the LED display, but have zero interest in the touch technology. I’ve already got the pen in my hand, why would I care about being able to also use my fingers?? Also, I seriously doubt they will be able to create software that will recognize finger input but NOT palms, which I am constantly brushing against the screen when I work. And an extra $1100??? No thanks.


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