On the Drawing Board- 5/10/12

May 10th, 2012 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

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The pencil rough

Finished inks

Just finally wrapped up a 6 pager for MAD yesterday…right at the wire. Lot’s of other stuff still on the board, though . . . no rest for the wicked. The above was my Marlin assignment for April with pencil roughs and inks, here’s what’s currently on the board:

  • NBA Poster project- gotta wrap that up this weekend
  • Warner Bros. product illustration- Might be able to share the one I did back in Feb soon. This is another in the same vein. Due tomorrow.
  • May workplace poster assignment for Marlin
  • More Jeff Dunham stuff
  • Big book illustration job for Simon and Shuster– offically a “go”, deadline first week of June. Will share the details when I get the okay to do so. This one will keep me hopping for the next month.



  1. a.t says:

    hi tom
    you are still working with the pencil
    is this because of you are intrerested this method
    Since most of artist use tablets these days


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