iMad on the iPad

March 30th, 2012 | Posted in News

The announcement on the upcoming MAD iPad App (which I am calling “iMad” until the cease and desist letter comes from Apple later today), is getting a lot of press already today:

The Unofficial Apple Weblog– Where the first “MAD is still being published, who knew?” comment will be coming soon from an unoriginal internet user near you.

CNET– A hands-on review of the app itself.

Newsarama– expanded interviews with MAD editor John Ficarra and Hank Kanalz, DC’s SVP of digital (whatever that is).

The Daily Cartoonist– Where other cartoonists are sure to weigh in.

I’ll update with other links as they come in.


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From my upcoming "Men of Steel" limited edition print- Dean Cain! #Superman #caricature #madmagazine