On the Drawing Board- 1/23/12

January 23rd, 2012 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

Actually I’m on vacation! But, there’s still work either in progress or waiting for me when I get back:

  • Book Illustration– Doing a ten page/cover job for a book pitch. Don’t worry, I’m getting paid for it whether the book get’s picked up or not.
  • Warner Bros. Video Box Artwork– a spot illustration that is being used for product packaging.
  • NCS Reuben Brochure Art– My usual artwork for the cover of the Reuben Brochure.

Here’s my latest Marlin workplace poster illustration, pencil roughs and finals. There were some changes to the patient’s expressions asked for, as you can see from the end result. As always, clicky to embiggen:

The pencil sketch

The revised and final art


  1. Lee Fortuna says:

    Tom is it possible we will ever see a Marlin workplace poster here on The Blog to show us how your illustration is used? BTW, love all the Marlin pencil roughs, I have three final inks on my office wall! When you come to the NYC Comicon,(hint,hint) to hawk your new book, maybe you can sell some signed pencil roughs? Have a great vacation Tom!

  2. S?©rgio Emanuel Girolla says:

    Hello !!!
    Grand Tom !!!
    Beautiful illustration…
    hugs here from Brazil


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