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October 5th, 2011 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

I know what you are thinking: “So, why is Janet Leigh of Pyscho fame dressed as an elf in this ink sketch?”

That’s a good question . . .


  1. Doug Gilford says:

    Because elves are the best screamers.

  2. Mike Wade says:

    I thought it was Gilbert Gottfried, at first! His mouth is always open like that.
    So, does the viewer’s experience, how many people you have seen, have a bearing on how one “sees” a charicature?

  3. Gabriel Yeo says:

    That’s a christmas shower cap and ‘Mother’ is stabbing her coz she won’t have some cheap, young girl take her precious son away…

  4. Calvin says:

    is this foreshadowing something? because this is the weirdest sketch o the week i’ve ever seen.


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