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July 11th, 2011 | Posted in MAD Magazine

When the gang at MAD decided to start an official blog called The Idiotical, they weren’t fooling around.

Since it’s launch last month, the blog has consistently been updated with daily (and often multiple daily) bits of bloggy goodness including plenty of original material as well as some classic MAD stuff that has some sudden relevance (like the MAD parody of Columbo after the passing of Peter Falk), and other surprises. They’ve creatively illustrated new humor content with some existing MAD art, done a bunch of all-new stuff, sprinkled in some looks at interesting things like the Spy vs. Spy 50th Anniversary art and custom figurines, and are even posting some preliminary art and pencil sketches of current and upcoming features in the magazine. In short, they are making it into a place to visit daily for a couple of laughs.

If you haven’t visited it yet, check out The Idiotical.


  1. Doug Gilford says:

    Just noticed a Marvel video game ad on their page. Thought that was interesting being Mad’s DC and all. I really like their blog. Check in daily…

  2. Doug Gilford says:

    Something else I just discovered has me very happy (so I hope Mad doesn’t get wind of my happiness and discontinue what they’re doing). A couple times where a reprinted article has credits — example Larry Siegel for the recent Gilligan’s Island parody — Mad has chosen to link to my UGOI list to show the scope of Larry’s work. This may be the closest I get to appearing in the hallowed pages of Mad without actually appearing in the hallowed pages of Mad. So exciting. Now watch them stop doing it!

    • Tom says:

      That is cool. I think they do this when the contributor in question has no website of their own, since they have linked to Mark Fredrickson’s online portfolio, my website and random pictures of Sam Viviano singing as well.


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