NCS Reuben Awards 2011… Mr. President??

May 23rd, 2011 | Posted in News

This weekend is the 65th Annual National Cartoonists Society Reuben Weekend, being held this year in Boston, MA. I am off to the event early on Wednesday to help with some preliminary preparations and some NCS Board stuff, as I have been serving as one of the vice presidents for two years. I am sure it will be a great time as usual. It’s always fun to get together with some of the world’s most talented cartoonists, get to know everybody better, talk a little shop, stammer a bit when running into some cartooning legend I have admired for years, compliment people on the work they’ve done I have enjoyed this year, and in general feel like a part of the family.

This year’s Reubens have two significant points for me:

First, I am once again nominated for a divisional award in the Magazine Illustration/Magazine Feature category. This is a huge honor, but as this will be my eighth nomination in this division and so far I have actually won zero times, I am betting heavily on one of the other two to take home the hardware. It would be nice to win this year, as I will not be submitting work for consideration the next two years because of significant point number two.

Second, I will be taking office as the 34th president of the NCS, taking over for Jeff Keane who has done a great job leading the organization for the last four years (that’s two terms).

I was somewhat reluctant to take on this responsibility, which I am told made me the perfect candidate. It will be a lot of work for what I recently found out is absolutely no pay (funny, that was not disclosed to me until it was too late!), but after some thought I decided to accept the nomination for two reasons:

One- it is a great honor. This organization has and has had members who have been no less than those who have defined the art of cartooning for over half a century. To have been nominated and ultimately elected by a group of people whom I greatly admire and respect is a tremendous honor, and I hope I can come close to living up to expectations.

Two- The NCS has done a lot for me. I’ve made lifelong friendships, met many of my heroes, gotten invaluable advice and guidance from many individuals I greatly respect and admire, been honored with several nominations and a few awards, and made some networking connections that have helped me in my career. I look at my time serving in office as giving back to an organization that has given much to me.

I’m looking forward to serving the NCS as president for the next two years. Hopefully any movement to impeach me gets tied up long enough for me to duck out gracefully.


  1. Tyson Cole says:

    Wow, President! Congratulations! That’s a huge honor. I’m sure you’ll do great!

  2. john stevens says:

    Congratulations Tom,
    You will make a Great President of the NCS
    See you in Boston !!

  3. Gabriel Yeo says:

    Don’t worry, Tom. “It’s gonna be a turkey shoot…”

  4. Mark_Tatulli says:

    All hail, Tom Richmond! What is thy bidding, sire?

  5. Kelly McNutt says:

    Congratulations, Tom!

  6. David Paccia says:

    Congratulations Tom! You are certainly deserving of the honor.

  7. Grant BROWN says:

    Well done Tom, you will do a great job….What ever you do…do not catch a cab with Chatfield

  8. David Lubin says:

    Congrats on the Presidency, Tom, but it looks like you’re the Susan Lucci of the Cartoon Industry! Better luck this year; I have a feeling you’re going to be the winner!

  9. From the ACA President to the in-coming NCS President, Congratulations, Tom! May the NCS continue to thrive under your trusty hand.

    See you in a couple of days!

  10. Mark Engblom says:

    Hail to the Chief! Congratulations, pal! Couldn’t have happened to a more talented and hard-working guy!

  11. Lee Fortuna says:

    Good for you Tom!, Hey ya think as president you’ll change some rules and let non-published lovers/novis cartoonist’s in as paying members so we can get some of the great help from pro’s like yourself before our meaningless little lives comes to an end,lol?

  12. Congrats! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. They made a good choice.

  13. […] One pre-Reuben item: this weekend, Tom Richmond takes the helm of the NCS for a four year term as NCS President replacing outgoing pres… […]

  14. Dave Kellett says:

    Congratulations, Tm! And best wishes for the years ahead!

  15. Dave Kellett says:

    Ha! And congratulations to Tom as well as Tm. 🙂


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