The Circus is in Town…

August 19th, 2010 | Posted in General

Illustration done for Minneapolis Star Tribune last fall

Oh Boy! Brett Favre is back in town and going to play for the Minnesota Vikings!


I’m a Minnesota guy in most things, but as far as sports go, the only team I care about around here are the Minnesota Twins. I can’t stand the NBA and don’t know or want to know about hockey, so the Timberwolves and Wild hold zero interest for me. Baseball is my favorite pro sport and I love the Twins and all they represent. They play the game the right way, develop their own players and make smart moves that allow them to compete without resorting to buying championships like some teams do. However when it comes to football I’m still a Wisconsin guy, and that means the Green Bay Packers. Thus I can’t stand the Vikings and I really can’t stand Favre and his diva/circus act. It’s really pissing me off this week since with Favre finally deciding to grace the Vikings with his presence his name is all over the sports page and on talk radio… meanwhile the Twins are regulated to page 2 and barely getting mentioned on radio/newscasts despite taking two of three (so far) from their chief division rival the Chicago White Sox in dramatic come-from-behind fashion the last two days. The Twins deserve better.

I think Favre might be in for a surprise this season. A lot of the big, mean football players playing on the other side of the line of scrimmage from him might also be as sick as I am of his privileged, pampered antics. You know, the 300 plus pound guys that had to show up and sweat out training camp and OTA’s all spring/summer? I have a feeling Favre might have a few more games like the NFC championship this winter where the other guys deliver some vicious hits with malice to show their displeasure. He is not the well respected player he once was.

So, go Pack and good luck Vikings… Here’s a little drawing for all those Vikings fans out there:

It’ll still look like that after the 2010 season, but don’t worry… I predict in a few years the Vikings will win their first Superbowl!

… of course they’ll be the Los Angeles Vikings then, but still…


  1. Tom Racine says:

    Packer fan! I knew I liked you! Yeah, I was done with Brett about three years ago, even before the Vikings thing. I’m very happy with Rodgers, thank you very much. I am glad Brett’s playing this year, though…the worst thing about last year was he beat the Packers twice. I want me some revenge…best served cold on the frozen tundra. (I did have to laugh uproariously when the threw that awful interception to knock them out of the playoffs when all he had to do was run out of bounds. I watched it unfurl, and as he scrambled to his right, I said to my wife “He’s going to throw an interception.” Couldn’t have scripted it better. 🙂

  2. Houston says:

    Yep, I’m waaaaaayyyyyyy over him.

    If he wants to play, yahoo for him, but good gravy does he have to do the “As the World Turns” crap every season?

    Brett, Do your job and play. Like the Dixie Chicks found out, no one is playing to listen to you talk.

  3. Mark Hill says:

    I’m a Bears fan, and I have to agree with the Packers fans here, (for once.)

    This is just exactly the same garbage as last year. He used an “uncertain medical situation” , to miss training camp and then glide into town on a parade float, with full ESPN coverage. (Why did he wait until June to have surgery on a leg that was injured in the playoffs — LAST year?) I’m sure his teammates must love sweating through training camp while he is “recovering” — for the second year in a row.

    Here’s hoping Tommie Harris, Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews and Nick Barnett eat him alive this year…

  4. jailerjoe says:

    Excellent likeness and GREAT expressions! If I have trouble falling asleep I’ll just replay Favres ESPN press conference and let him drone me to sleep. I’m a Packers fan, too and still appreciate Number 4. Hey…any forty-somethin’ guy’s gotta love seeing him pick apart those young punks! GO PACK GO!

  5. Joe Groshek says:

    Yeah…..Go Packers! I’m from Wisconsin, and moved to Jacksonville, FL last year. There are more Packer fans down here than Jag fans, and they can’t get the games on local TV because they can’t get anyone to go to the games. This is the Packers year to take it all, they extended my friend Donald Driver’s contract which will make him a Packer forever (Yaaay), Aaron is looking awesome,…..we now have a “Complete” team and the Packer Defense will give Brett his final send-off to retirement at the end of or in the middle of the season. As always Tom, keep up the great artwork!! You’ll be able to use that empty trophy case illustration for years to come. -Joe-

  6. Joey Hetzel says:

    The only flaw in the above picture being that Adrian Peterson is actually holding ONTO the ball…GO GREEN BAY!


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