A MAD Rejection

July 29th, 2010 | Posted in MAD Magazine

This letter is making the rounds on the interwebby, so…

I first send my work to MAD back in about 1990 and got a rejection letter at that time, but this is not it. As I recall it was in the form of a checklist that had different reasons for the rejection, and it had the same sort of irreverent humor. Sorry now I didn’t save that… it would have been fun to frame up in the studio.


  1. MJ says:

    Ha,ha,ha that;s some funny stuff!

  2. dave nelson says:


  3. On the letter there seems to be a faint image. Adjusted the contrast in Photoshop and Alfred E. Neuman appeared. Great!

  4. Ben Carlsen says:

    You know, I might send something in to MAD just to get one of those. With my luck, though, I’d probably just get accepted and never get one.

  5. Kevin Richlin says:

    I have two of those form rejection letters from 1991-92. They’re somewhere in the garage or buried in a time capsule under our septic tank. I’ll see if I can dig them up….

  6. Howard Cruse says:

    I also received that same rejection letter. It softened the blow of getting turned down in a very enjoyable way. I would still have preferred an acceptance, though.

  7. Mike Wallster says:

    The image of Alfred E. Neuman is a watermark, I know because I got a rejection letter back in ’73 or ’74 on the same stationary. I wasn’t thrilled at being (rightly) rejected, but to a 13-year old, having a humorous personalized note signed by Al Feldstein certainly took the sting out of it.

  8. sharprm says:

    They don’t give rejection letters/emails if you send stuff in by email though.


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