Sergio Gets Booked!

May 18th, 2010 | Posted in News

The second edition of the “MAD‘s Greatest Artists” series of book will be released soon, and is available for pre-order on Amazon. This time around the great Sergio Aragon?¬©s is the subject, and this volume features a selection of his best stuff from the last 50 years. Unlike “The Complete Don Martin“, MAD couldn’t do a complete collection of Sergio’s work for the magazine because:

  1. He’s still doing work for them and it wouldn’t be a complete collection anyway
  2. It would take about 20 volumes to reproduce all the work Sergio has done since his debut in MAD #76 in 1963…. approx 15,000 drawings.

Regardless, lucky us that we can get a collection like this in a 272 page hardcover. I’ll be ordering one, and hopefully Sergio will sign it for me if I can ever get close enough to him through his crowds of fans.


  1. Poiuyt says:

    Well it’s about time!!!!!! Thanks for the info Tom!

  2. George Cook says:

    Thats cool! I like his work. I may just have to order one of those, whenever I have the money.

  3. Bean says:

    Thats great!I like the info.Maybe I will order too.


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