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April 19th, 2010 | Posted in General

Jack Davis is not only an alum of the University of Georgia, but he’s been drawing the Georgia “Bulldawg” for them for a long, long time. The above video is from the university’s Bulldawg Illustrated, which no doubt has been frequently illustrated by Jack. The video is a gem not just because they talk with Jack, but it shows him banging out a drawing of the Bulldawg at his drawing table overlooking the river. Check out the way he holds his pencil! We are also treated to seeing him ink with a brush and do a quick color wash job on it.

Great thanks to Mark Evanier for the link.


  1. Anton Emdin says:

    Thanks Tom. Great to see a master in action.

  2. Precious video indeed Tom, thkx for sharing!

  3. Thanks Tom,

    My hero as well. See you in Vegas.


  4. jert says:

    AWESOME VIDEO!!!! So effortless…what a pro

  5. gustavo says:

    Wonderful video. The master Jack Davis again!

  6. Beast says:

    Great Video.
    I didnt like the sped up inking scene. I would have liked to have seen that in real time. We live in suchaa fast paced world no on has any patience anymore.

    Thanks for sharing that, Tom


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