Breaking News: MAD Goes Bimonthly!

March 12th, 2010 | Posted in MAD Magazine

Good news! Today MAD editor John Ficarra sent out an announcement to all MAD contributors to say that DC Comics would be increasing the frequency of MAD from quarterly to bimonthly, stating with issue #504. The news stand date of MAD #504 is June 15th, so we should see MAD #505 on August 15th or so, and then an issue every other month after that.

That is great news on several fronts. First, it’s two more issues of MADness every year, but as John points out in his letter it gives MAD the opportunity to do more topical and timely material. Quarterly publication really limited what MAD could jump on concerning matters of the moment. Movie parodies especially were tough because if the timing of an issue was not just right, it was pointless to do a parody of a film that would long be out of the spotlight by the time the parody hit the stands. Bimonthly still¬¨‚Ć isn’t the same as monthly, but it beats quarterly by 50%! (For all you math geniuses out there who might dispute that figure: Quarterly= 4 issues/year, Bimonthly= 6 issue/year, going from 4 to 6 issues a year is an increase of 2 issues a year, or 50% of current quarterly output.)

No new news on the revamping of the MAD website or other media projects, but progress is still being made in those areas I am told.

**I had to remove my original post on this for a while as DC did not mean it disseminated until they made their own announcement, but after they realized the cat was out of the bag they said keeping it private was “moot”, thus the replaced post… sorry about the comments that got deleted as a result.

Look for an official announcement from DC Comics and MAD Magazine soon!


  1. Mkuznar says:

    Announcement -“Tom Richmond is fired, thank you for your time.” hehe

  2. Anthony says:

    HOOORAY! Just think of all those people who thought that MAD would decrease from here. I laugh at their pessimism! Though I must admit I never thought it would happen either. Still, HOOORAY!

  3. gustavo says:

    **I had to remove my original post on this for a while as DC did not mean it disseminated until they made their own announcement,
    So ,thats the reson my comment was deleted. So I have to repeat it:


  4. Ed Meisinger says:

    Fantastic news! A giant step in the right direction. Thanks for the great news Tom. Now that I have more hope of MAD’s survival, I’m going to buy some subscriptions for relatives. Let’s keep MAD going through the 21st century!

  5. Nate says:

    Same comment I left before (well, similar) – but I’m thrilled!

    • Tom says:

      Again, sorry for deleting those, everybody… I had no choice if I was to eliminate the post from exterior links.

  6. Robert G. says:

    I noticed that their latest subscription card specified a number of issues, rather than a time period (“sign up for 6 issues!” instead of “Get a one year subscription!”). I think advanced math will be needed to determine when my subscription expires (started under old schedule, extended under quarterly, and now?).

  7. Anton Emdin says:

    Great news! Hopefully they can get back to monthly in time.


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