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February 12th, 2010 | Posted in News

Some weeks ago I blogged about a relief effort being organized by the National Cartoonists Society Foundation, the charitable arm of the National Cartoonists Society, on behalf of the Hodge family. Disney story artist and Big Idea productions director Tim Hodge‘s son Matthew was seriously injured when his car was struck by a train last August and remains in a coma. Tim being self-employed, the Hodge family has short term medical insurance that will not fully cover all of their bills, and Tim’s available time to work is limited by the care Matthew needs. This effort, Help the Hodges, is headed up by current NCSF board member Chad Frye, is aimed at providing some financial assistance to the Hodges in this difficult time.

A lot of artists have stepped up and sent in some great cartoon artwork, which is being auctioned off on eBay. I’m embarrassed to say I am not one of them, primarily because most of the original artwork I have that is worth anything at all is in limbo waiting to be returned to me from the show that ran early last fall at the Toonseum in Pittsburgh. I kept waiting to get that art back so I could send in something from MAD that might actually get them a couple of bucks… but I am still waiting for that art to be returned so I am sorry to have missed out.

Anyway, there is plenty of great stuff left, but this latest bunch of auctions is likely the last. So, drop on in and check out what’s still available.

My pal Eddie Pittman, cartoonist extraordinaire and the creator behind the new serial web comic (graphic webel?) Red’s Planet is doing his own little promotion for Help the Hodges. Eddie had a limited run of the preview of Red’s Planet printed up for friends, colleagues, etc. They were never meant for sale or to be available to the general public. However Eddie is offering his fans to get their hands on a copy with a donation to Help the Hodges. There are multiple levels of donations and corresponding goodies from Eddie, including some original sketches. Check out the details here.


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