MAD Holiday Shopping

November 27th, 2009 | Posted in MAD Magazine

New MAD Book!

Black Friday… when completely insane people go out into completely insane crowds in search of deals on whatever. I try to avoid shopping on this day if at all possible.

Except from the comfort of my own home, of course!

The image above is of another new MAD book that was just released entitled 1001 MAD Pages You Must Read Before You Die (Crammed into 864 Actual Pages). This is another “Barnes and Noble” exclusive book like MAD About the Movies: The Director’s Cut and I am guessing features a lot of classic MAD features in black and white. I have no idea if I have anything in it or not (my guess is not), but as a collection of hundreds of MAD gems from the last 57 years it should be good. Plus, it’s less that $10!!!

It beats a tie or aftershave with a picture of a ship on the bottle… but just barely. You can’t use a tie or a bottle of aftershave to prop open a heavy door.


  1. Gustavo says:

    I wonder what material was included from isssue No 500

  2. ..::Gennaro::.. says:

    God, I wish I can get it sometime in the future… nothing of this stuff comes usually to Mexico, but I just bought the #502 issue, hope I can get it in Samborns.


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