Happy Day After Labor Day

September 8th, 2009 | Posted in General

Today is my favorite holiday of the year.

This is a holiday that you will find on no official calendar, but it’s one all seasonal theme park caricaturists adore. Read that last link if you don’t understand… you need to spend at least one entire summer sweating out on the midway drawing endless lines of snot nosed kids, vain teenagers, drunk couples and surly art critics in order to get it fully. As a theme park concession owner, that goes double for me. Yesterday I was ultimately responsible for 12 art concession locations in three states with a combined work force of about 60 artists. Today… Nada. Nothing. Zero. well… one guy drawing at Union Station in St. Louis, but that barely counts.

Okay, it doesn’t mean as much to me these days as I have not drawn 5-6 days a week all summer in the theme parks for a long time now… but there is still a great feeling of relief from responsibility on this day. Back when I did to the full time drawing thing, I would go out to Valleyfair, the theme park I drew at all summer, on the day after Labor Day. I’d go to the chair I always drew in and sit there with a book for an hour or two. The eerie quiet… with no rumble of roller coasters, no screaming kids, no endless stupid questions, no recycling soundtracks and no smells of fermenting soda in the trash cans was always indescribably healing.

These days I don’t need that quiet time, but I try to enjoy the day nonetheless.


  1. matt says:

    hmm…I think I might try that 😉

  2. Seth Wilks says:

    Hey Tom,

    I second that motion. As I said at the beginning of the summer, I have you, among a few other artists, to thank for getting me into caricature. It has helped my art tremendously. My line has more confidence, I can draw from my head with more ease, etc. All in all, thanks a lot for recommending caricaturing as a way to start out a persons art career.

    I did, however, very much enjoy the last day of drawing. And the relief of the day after.

  3. Meesimo says:

    Indeed sir, a special day to many of us.

  4. Nate says:

    Hope you had a great “chill” time yesterday. I could only imagine the craziness on Labor Day for caricature artist!


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