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July 17th, 2009 | Posted in News

Tom Richmond: The MAD Art of CaricatureThe official press release on this show was just sent out so I believe it’s now appropriate to promote my art show at “The ToonSeum” that starts on August 1st.

I have had a piece or two of my original work hung in cartoon art shows quite a few time, but have never had a show entirely of my work hanging anywhere before. I am honored to say that The ToonSeum, a part of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, will have a retrospective of my work from August 1st through October 4th at their gallery at 10 Children’s Way in Pittsburgh, PA.

Here is the official press release:


The ToonSeum Goes MAD for Tom Richmond

The ToonSeum¬¨‚Ć is proud to present “Tom Richmond: The MAD Art of Caricature,” an exhibition of original caricatures and parodies by one of MAD Magazine’s stand-out artists.

Richmond, a member of MAD Magazine’s Usual Gang of Idiots since 2000, has skewed pop culture icons, political figures, movie stars, even President Obama’s dog. His style and technique carry on in the great tradition of MAD Magazine legends such as Mort Drucker and Jack Davis.

Richmond’s work appears in publications, films and comics worldwide. His company also provides caricature artists for some of the nation’s top theme parks. His recently completed book about Obama’s dog is due for release this fall.

The “MAD Art of Caricature” also gives a behind-the-pen-and-brush look at Richmond’s parodies of movies, including “Harry Plodder,”¬¨‚Ć “Spider-Sham,” “Battyman Begins,” “30 Crock,” “Obama’s Inauguration” and many more.

“The ToonSeum is proud to take MAD out of the teacher’s trash can and put it on museum walls where it belongs,” says ToonSeum Executive Director Joe Wos. “Tom is truly a master of mockery, and we are delighted to present his work at the ToonSeum.”

Richmond will drop by the ToonSeum Aug. 1 and 2 for book signings, a demonstration and a special Master Caricature Class. More information is available at

The exhibit runs from Aug. 1¬¨‚Ć through Oct. 4 at the ToonSeum, which is located inside the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh on the city’s historic North Side.

What: “Tom Richmond: The MAD Art of Caricature”
When: Aug. 1-Oct. 4
Where: ToonSeum at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh on the city’s historic North Side, 10 Children’s Way, Allegheny Square.
Cost: ToonSeum admission is included with paid admission to the Children’s Museum, which is $10 for children 2-18 and seniors; $11 for adults

Details: 412-325-1060 or

For questions or an interview, please contact ToonSeum Executive Director Joe Wos at

The show will feature 24 original pages from MAD (actually more than that as technically many of the splash pages are two page spreads) including three full parodies plus some pencil roughs and prints of the final colored art. Here’s a breakdown of all that will be in the show:

  • “Spider-Sham” splash page, MAD #418
  • “Harry Plodder and the Lamest of Sequels” splash page- MAD #424
  • “Schlubs” (TV show “Scrubs”) splash page- MAD #426
  • “Battyman Begins” plash page and 5 story pages- MAD #455
  • “Harry Plodder and the Torture of the Fan Base” splash and 5 story pages- MAD #480
  • “30 Crock” (TV show “30 Rock”) splash page- MAD #490
  • “Ironic Man” splash page- MAD #492
  • “The Dork Knight” splash page and 4 story pages- MAD #495
  • “The Obama Inauguration”- crowd scene spread- MAD #498
  • “Botchmen” (movie “Watchmen”) splash page- MAD #499
  • Pencil roughs for “The Dork Knight” and full color prints of the final pages

There should also be some examples of work by some of the artists I listed as my influences including Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Sam Viviano, Hermann Mejia and Sebastian Kruger. I doubt these will be originals but having a selection of works by their featured artist’s influences is traditional for The Toonseum.

I will be at the opening reception on Friday night, and will conduct a class on caricature on Saturday evening. The caricature class will consist of an overview on caricature theory and practice, how caricature applies uniquely to MAD and then some practical hands on drawing. The cost is $50, all of which is going to The ToonSeum. Here is the press release on the class and a link to book one of the limited spots:

The MAD Art of Caricature with Tom Richmond, Master Class

Learn the art of caricature from one of its true masters!

August 1st 2009, 5pm-6:30pm
The ToonSeum at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
Cost: $50, Students and NCS Members $35
Proceeds benefit the ToonSeum

The ToonSeum presents a special master class with caricature artists and magazine illustrator Tom Richmond of MAD Magazine fame. This is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in improving their skills, learning about how to break into magazines, and more.

Tom Richmond is one of the most recognized and respected caricaturist in the world. A member of MAD Magazine’s Usual Gang of Idiots since 2000, His sharp pen has produced¬¨‚Ć dead-on caricatures of pop culture icons, political figures, movie stars and even the president’s dog.¬¨‚Ć Tom’s style and technique carry on in the great tradition of MAD Magazine legends such as Mort Drucker and Jack Davis.

Tom’s work appears in publications, films, and comics worldwide. His company also provides caricature artists for some of the nations top theme parks. He recently completed a new book about President Obama’s dog due for release this fall.

Limited to 30 participants
Purchase online at

(Sorry for all the glowing accolades and vernacular in these press releases, but that’s the way those things work… I didn’t write them.)

I will also have about 60 copies of my new MAD book “Bo Confidential: The Secret Files of America’s First Dog” available for sale and signing. The book will just have been released at that time. I’ll be at the ToonSeum on Saturday afternoon signing the books and other stuff.

I am looking forward to the show, as is The Lovely Anna and all my kids who are going to be with me… even Elizabeth! It’s a great honor and I hope the show is successful for The ToonSeum. My thanks to the tireless Joe Wos, ToonSeum executive director, for doing all the hard work on the exhibit.

Tom Richmond: The MAD Art of Caricature


  1. Nate says:

    Looks great, Tom! Wish I could attend, but I’ll be sitting down here in Florida at that time. Seems like they’re going all out for the event!

  2. PaulCapurso says:


    Congratulations this looks like it will be great!!! You must be very proud and well you should. Your like a rock star now Tom. Enjoy you deserve it.

  3. Tom says:

    Thank you, gentlemen.

  4. walid says:

    ohh my god ,,,im waiting for this opertunity to see yaa ,,and catch some tips of drawing ,,u the greatest really in alll mad ,,,excellent ,,accurate ,,and what wonderfull the colors ,i cant stop talking about yr work ,,,,all best tom ,,,,

  5. Meesimo says:

    Congratulations buddy, the accolades are well deserved!

  6. caricature says:

    Congratulations ! you are the best !

  7. julio cesar Naranjo says:

    Its a great oportunity to be in your Master Class i wish i could be there. You are the best.


New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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