The OSU Schulz Challenge

July 11th, 2009 | Posted in News

The Schulz Challenge

Ohio State University isn’t just your average, everyday, mild-mannered midwestern college. It’s also the home of Ohio State’s Cartoon Library and Museum, the largest and most comprehensive academic research facility documenting printed cartoon art in the world. With last year’s merger of Mort Walker’s International Museum of Cartoon Art‘s collection into the Cartoon Library and Museum, it also boasts the world’s largest single collection of original cartoon art with approaching half a million original cartoons as well as thousands of books, serial titles and manuscripts and 2.5 million comic strip clippings and tear sheets. The OSUCLM sponsors programs related to cartoon art by mounting exhibits on campus, lending for exhibits elsewhere, and hosting speakers, seminars, workshops and conferences. The Festival of Cartoon Art, held triennially since 1983, attracts participants from around the world.

Recently the Cartoon Library and Museum has announced plans to renovate Sullivant Hall on campus to become the new home of the Library, featuring a true museum-quality gallery and archival space. This future home of the Cartoon Library and Museum will ensure the protection and accessibility of these precious examples of art and culture.

Of course all this takes money, and donations are gratefully accepted and needed by the OSUCLM. Recently the widow of Peanuts legend Charles Schulz, Jeannie Schulz, generously donated one million dollars to OSUCLM to support the renovation of Sullivant Hall. Moreover, Jeannie issued the following challenge: she will match each dollar donated to the OSUCLM through March 9th, 2014, up to $2.5 Million. That doubles every dollar donated for the next 4 years!

That is an amazing thing and it makes any donations to the Cartoon Library and Museum twice the value. Please consider donating a few bucks to the effort, and many thanks to Jeannie for her tremendous generosity.

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Here’s a video with some more info on the Cartoon Library and Museum:


  1. Dan Shultz says:

    Exciting stuff, and right in my own backyard!… I hadn’t realized the collection had grown that much from the original Milton Caniff collection.


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