Yet Another Caricature Demo Video

July 10th, 2009 | Posted in General

The phrase “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind today as I post another time-lapse video from my 1993 “demo reel” of live caricature samples I used in some of my mall locations. This subject is Bruce Willis. Of all the ones I did on this original video, this one might stand up the best as Willis looks much the same… just craggier.


  1. Michael Garisek says:

    Was that a trace over the drawing you worked up from a photo, or did you draw him so much you could just draw him like that on the fly, or did he visit your booth and you were drawing him live? Do people ever ask to buy the samples? What’s your response? What’s with the tape all over your pencil? It was nice seeing the bushy black hair of the artist emerging from the back ground. Sorry for so many questions !

  2. Tom says:

    I used to draw these examples over and over for my different locations, but for the video I did some small, light guidelines on the page first so I got a consistent result. Yes, people do ask to buy the samples and sometimes we sell them off the wall (which as long as it’s an original is not a ‘right of publicity’ issue). That is not tape on my pencil but a foam wrap called “pre-wrap” or “sports wrap”. It’s the stuff you would wrap your ankle in, for example, prior to taping it up. It provides a nice, soft grip and absorbs moisture from your hand.

  3. Nice!

    the Demi in the heart made me laugh. however well the likeness holds up, you can never count on celebrity romances to last.

  4. haha love the band-aides! It’s the humor and detail that you put into your drawings that makes you a GENIUS.. Nobody can match that ever!

  5. cade says:

    Love the small details you throw in like the backgrounds and bandaids. Makes the caricature fun to look at.

    Wow that music is corny 🙂

  6. caricature says:

    That’s very nice caricature. I wish I can draw something like this.


New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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