On the Stands: MAD #500!!

April 20th, 2009 | Posted in MAD Magazine

This is it!! Big number 500 is in comic book stores this week and on news stands April 28th:

MAD #500

MAD # 500 (June 2009)

  • Cover (Mark Frederickson)
  • The Fundalini Pages (Jeff Kruse & Liz Lomax, Garth Gerhart, Duck Edwing, Tom Cheney, Jeff Kruse & Scott Bricher, Sam Sisco, Michael Grinspan & Bob Clarke, Peter Paul Porges, Al Jaffee, Stan Sinberg & Bob Staake,
  • The Notorious A.I.G. (Scott Bricher)
  • The Fundalini Pages, con’t (Scott Maiko & Leonardo Rodriguez, Desmond Devlin & Kevin Pope, Peter Bagge, Anthony Barbieri & Tom Fowler & Carl Peterson & Rob Liegh, Jeff Kruse & Jos?¬© Garibaldi, Jacob Lambert, Jeff Kruse & Paul Coker, Barry Liebmann & Ward Sutton, P.C. Vey, Dick DeBartolo, Arnie Kogen & Rick Tulka, Jeff Kruse & Evan Dorkin, Teresa Burns Parkhurst, John Caldwell, )
  • 500 Issues of MAD, A Visual History: MAD Issues 1-100 (Various)
  • The Dead Celebrity Apprentice (Desmond Devlin, Tom Bunk)
  • Spy vs Spy vs Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • 500 Issues of MAD, A Visual History: MAD Issues 101-200 (Various)
  • Planet TAD!!!!! (Tim Carvell)
  • A MAD Look at Marginals (Sergio Aragon?¬©s)
  • 500 Issues of MAD, A Visual History: MAD Issues 201-300 (Various)
  • A Message to the Republican Party from Rush Limbaugh (Jack Syracuse)
  • The Strip Club (Jason Youngbluth, Paul Gilligan, Dustin Glick, Dan Long, Joey Sayers, Ted Rall, Scott Nickel, Christopher Baldwin, Douglas Paszkiewicz)
  • 500 Issues of MAD, A Visual History: MAD Issues 301-400 (Various)
  • Great Art Masterpieces… and What they Would Be Saying Today (Adam Rust, art by a bunch of dead guys)
  • MAD Fold-In (Al Jaffee)
  • MAD Googles Google’s Headquarters (Ryan Pagelow)
  • Insanity Claws (Desmond Devlin)
  • 500 Issues of MAD, A Visual History: MAD Issues 401-500 (Various)
  • The Bailout Hymn of the Republic (Writer: Frank Jacobs, Art: Mort Drucker, James Warhola, Gerry Gertsen, Tom Richmond, Angelo Torres, Harry North, Esq., Richard Williams, Hermann Mejia)
  • The MAD Guide to Man Boobs (Ryan Pagelow, Drew Friedman)
  • MAD Fold-In (Al Jaffee)
  • Drawn Out Dramas (Sergio Aragon?¬©s)
  • MAD Factoids (Uncredited)

I will post a sneak peek at the art I did for “The Bailout Hymn of the Republic” tomorrow, plus some other info about this landmark issue.


  1. Philip Willey says:

    Way to go, you idiots!

  2. Mugshotz says:

    The cover is great! Congrats on being included in such a historic issue! Can’t wait to see your work.

  3. J. Stewart says:

    jon stewart already did the caption “notorious a.i.g.” a few monthes ago

    • Tom says:

      Wow. I am sure MAD must have stolen that from Jon Stewart as that isn’t an obvious bit of comedy at all. 🙄

  4. Hugh Neek says:

    Fair’s fair, because The Daily Show *totally* stole MAD’s observation that people’s words are not always reflected by their actions. The plagiarizing bastards!

  5. […] Speaking of big milestones, Evan Dorkin says the 500th issue of Mad Magazine is out on newsstands now, which is kind of amazing — to me at any […]


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