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March 31st, 2009 | Posted in General

Snow White Mac

I thought this a clever way to decorate your Apple MacBook. Both a great play on the classic Snow White image using the embossed apple logo, and a play on the “white” color of the MacBook. I also like the subtle (and maybe unintentional) dig at technology considering what that apple actually did to Snow White.

Doubtless the clever artist who did this paintjob will be getting a call from one of Disney’s mountain of lawyers.

Via Stumbleupon.


  1. Clever, indeed! I love my apples! Been using them since 1988…..Dang things STILL boot up and never-never-never a virus!!! I would have put Snow White on the right side, with the BITE closer to her mouth!
    Tom, Do you take requests for “Sketch-O-the week”?

  2. Ready2draw says:


    Great find. Is it actually illegal to do this, though? Unless he’s selling them or producing multiples, isn’t he well within his rights to customize his property as he sees fit? Thanks, I dig the blog and read it daily!

    • Tom says:

      Actually the courts make no distinction as to the selling or no of an infringement issue. The infringer does not have to stand to make a profit on anything they are making that infringes on another’s copyright. The courts rather consider the damage to the copyright holder’s ability to profit by their copyrighted property, either in lessening the copyright holder’s ability to produce and sell a similar item, or in damaging the value of the “brand” itself.

      That said, if this is a custom paint job on a person’s personal notebook computer case, Disney likely does not have a case. People are free to create art as they will. Should he try and duplicate it as a stick on “skin” then that is another story.

  3. Steve Hearn says:

    I think it is very cool! As a lifelong Disney fan I think Disney have missed the trick by not having done this first! Maybe they will consider it for PC & Macs from now on, so that next time I find myself in a Magic Kingdom gift store I can purchase an official one! Dang, Disney should produce iPod phone and Touch skins, I would buy one!


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