Is Jim a Millionaire??

March 12th, 2009 | Posted in News

Tune in and see!

Way back in October last year I sat dutifully by the telephone waiting to get a call from Meredith Vieira just in case my longtime friend and fellow caricaturist/cartoonist Jim Batts needed me as a phone a friend when he was on “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?“. Jim appeared on the movie trivia themed week of the show.

Asking me to answer a movie trivia question that stumps Jim is a little like asking a 5th grader to solve a physics problem that Stephen Hawking couldn’t handle. Basically I was Jim’s “Harry Potter” ringer, since he knew my family and me are big fans of the books and films… plus I did parodies of two of them in MAD.

Alas, no 15 minutes of fame for me. Jim got no Harry Potter questions…. at least none he couldn’t answer without me. Jim’s “Millionaire” show(s) finally air tonight and tomorrow, so tune in and see how he does! Check your local listings for times.

If you happen to be in the St. Louis area, there is going to be a viewing event at St. Louis Union Station in the new Beachwood Bistro resturant starting around 4:00 pm. The show airs at 5:00 locally there. Jim will be on hand and with movie trivia and possible prizes to be had by the attendees… plus they get to see how much dough Jim ended up with. I’d wish Jim good luck but since the actually contest happened about 5 months ago he does not need it.

Oh well… it couldn’t hurt. GOOD LUCK, JIM!!


  1. jert says:


  2. Brad says:

    Sweeet! I have not seen Jim since – uh what year was that anyways….GO JIM!!!!!

  3. Jim says:

    Thanks guys!
    I hope if any of you are near St. Lou you’ll stop by the station on Friday! We’ll have some free popcorn, too(it is all movie trivia). We’ll see if all the cartooning references make it into the final edits of the shows . Hope I’ll make all my cartoonist brothers and sisters proud!
    Thanks again for hangin’ by the phone, Tom!

  4. Martha Flanagan says:

    You can imagine my surprise when I walked by a television while in a nursing home today to find Jim front and center on Millionaire! I looked, and looked again and said “that looks like Jim Batts! My God it is Jim Batts!” I was a friend of Jim’s way back in the old days when he was, get this, a salesman at Marshall Field’s in Chicago. I have thought of him often over the years and even tried to track him down at one point. He is one of those wonderful people it is hard to forget. Please pass this on to him and ask him to get in touch. Thanks.
    Martha Flanagan

    • Jim Batts says:

      Wow, Martha! just decided to recheck Tom’s old blogs and there you are! Kinda sad that Fields is Macy’s now! You still in Chicago? Drop me a line!

  5. Diana Dang says:

    Hi Jim, CONGRATS! This may be ridiculously random but I was wondering if you were the same Jim Batts that was in the Viet Nam War in about 1966 in Nha Trang. Your face looks really familiar but I am really not sure so if it’s you or not. please respond asap! thankyou

    • Jim Batts says:

      Diana I’m not quite old enough to have served(I turned 18 in 1976). Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Just decide to revisit some of Tom’s old entries.


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