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January 28th, 2009 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Jack Black ©2009 Tom Richmond

This week’s subject is actor Jack Black, drawn from a smallish picture out of an entertainment magazine. Black is heavy set but interestingly his face does not have a lot of fat on it. On the contrary it’s quite bony except for a suggestion of a puffy sort of underbite. He was brilliant in “Tropic Thunder”.


  1. Nick Jarvis says:

    Awesome! you rock Tom!! sometimes the saying “i just draw it like i see it” still seems hard!! great job!!

  2. Joe Bluhm says:

    This is an incredible sketch, Tom. Great suggestion of volume with so few lines. Great work.

  3. Nick Jarvis says:

    By the way, the song from the Karate Kid “you’re the best around” runs through my mind when i see your work, i actually sing it in my head when i get on your site. thanks again Tom

  4. Quikdraw says:

    Great sketch Tom! Jack Black has those very animated eyes .
    He could keep his mouth expressionless and rattle of 80 different expressions with his eyes alone. Can only imagine the wrinkles around his yes when he ages!

  5. da costa says:

    this is impressive….very very nice !!! fantastic work, you are for me a reference!!!!

  6. Brad says:

    Awesome sketch! He is tough to do that is for sure, but you nailed him. Best Jack Black I have seen yet. Strange, I dont see too many attempts on him….

  7. jimbodraw says:

    Great Tom – I know the ref pic you used. Nailed him!

  8. Sagan Lacy says:

    I agree with Joe. The expression is great… it’s almost neutral, but reveals the true Jack Black insanity nonetheless.


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