Stay Tooned! No. 2

September 25th, 2008 | Posted in News

Stay Tooned! #2

One of the cool things that happened last weekend at ToonFest in Marceline was the appearance of John Read with a handful of advance copies of the second issue his magazine Stay Tooned!

The issue looks great, including the fantastic cover seen above by Joe Staton. Contents include:

  • Profiles of Mike Peters, Tom Bancroft, Joe Staton, Mason Mastroianni and Bill Day
  • Interviews with Jules Feiffer, Berke Brethed and Ben Towle.
  • Pictures from the 2008 NCS Reuben awards
  • Several articles by the likes of Jack Cassidy, Corey Pandolph and Norm Feuti
  • Regular features galore including R.C. Harvey‘s “Funnies Farrago” and my “MAD Mailbag”

As with the first issue the profiles are jam packed with the subject’s artwork, and the other pages are likewise filled with great cartooning and great information. Also once again the issue is huge, weghing in at 88 pages with minimal ads.

This is obvioulsy a labor of love for John and the results are terrific. If you don’t have a subcription yet¬¨‚Ć check out the Stay Tooned! website for the goodies. Highly recommended.


  1. Bucky says:

    John was at the Toonfest? Dangit, I would like to have had the chance to meet him and thank him for ‘Stay Tooned.’ I highly recommend this publication and encourage any lover of cartooning to get a subscription.___ I am psyched to receive this upcoming issue!

  2. bluemoonpaul says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s spelled “Staton.” No “N.” Check his signature on the art.

    Looks like a good mag — -gotta subscribe. Thanks for the tip!

  3. yodazone says:

    This looks like a cool magazine. Is there any Sergio Aragones artwork in the issue? Gotta find issue #1 now…..

  4. I’m a little speculative. I’ve really wanted to get my hands on this magazine. I had already sent a check for the first issue for the full amount. I still haven’t received a single issue. I even e-mailed about it to the publisher! I guess that’s $40 down the drain!

  5. johnread3 says:

    I never got your e-mail! Sorry your order was in limbo, but there’s no way I’ll be responsible for your flushing money “down the drain.” I’ve mailed Issues 1 and 2 to your Florida address First Class.
    John R., embarrassed publisher/editor/shipping department

  6. Thanks, John. No hard feelings. I just really wanted to get my hands on this awesome looking magazine. I’ve had e-mails get lost in cyberspace before, so at least I’m glad it’s been cleared up. Oh, and poor choice of words on my part- I meant skeptical (not speculative )


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