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September 10th, 2008 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Artwork ©2008 Tom Richmond

This week’s sketch is a study of fashion maven Donatella Versace. I came across the reference photo in a tabloid article called “Plastic Surgery Shockers!” There’s not much more to say… except this could be Madonna on a bad day.


  1. Michael Garisek says:

    I saw those photos, GREAT likeness
    that is scary! She said was trying to feline like Yikes

  2. Mark Hill says:

    I saw those photos, too. (Could you imagine what those lips would look like after sucking on a lemon or two?)

    Terrific sketch. I’m guessing the stray hair floating in front of her right eye was a post-scan, digital addition?

  3. DShultz says:

    Hilarious likeness… Could be Steven Tyler on a bad day too.

  4. nickjarvis says:

    sadly, it doesn’t look like a caricature,,, well, at least her face looks like a walking talking caricature!! great job as always!

  5. CaseyBug says:

    I made an account JUST so I could remind ya that you said you’d draw me, and I won’t be forgetn’ that mister! That and, well, I’m going to be glued to this machine for the rest of the year anyways since I’m not out working outside for days on end. I’ll sure miss those sweaty, noisy park days. Did I ever tell you about the pickle incident? -CBC

  6. Tom says:

    My policy on pickle incidents at the park is “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Oh, and don’t worry… I’ll draw ya.

  7. CaseyBug says:

    Hahaha, I’m sure either way that it sounds, it’s still unpleasant.

    Awesome, you’re the best! -CBC


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