Sketch Week!- Tuesday

July 22nd, 2008 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Artwork ©2008 Tom Richmond

Sketch week continues with a quick sketch of late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmell.


  1. craig says:

    I love sketch week!

  2. Great Sketch, and again- HURRAY FOR SKETCH WEEK!!!

  3. Trevour says:

    Ha – You totally got his eyes!

  4. quikdraw4 says:

    That crocodile smile of his is dead on. Kimmell always looks like he’s got a big wad of chewing tobacco in his cheek when he smiles-maybe its the pre show buffet he was in the middle of inhaling!
    I love sketch week too!

  5. yondaime_kazekage says:

    yayyy!!! again.. :p

  6. sam says:

    Love the sketches Tom. Your weekly sketches are my favorite and this week we hit the Richmond caricature lottery so to speak! Your blog is the best!!!


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