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May 7th, 2008 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

No time for a real sketch this week so here is one of the small preliminary drawings I did for a politically orientated product job a few weeks ago. This one is of “Mr. Honesty” Carl Rove. One of these days I’ll be able to post the finished art from that project.


  1. bizkit says:

    Very nice……Ive got a question that may/should probably be posted in the mail bag but I will go ahead and ask here anyway. When doing “Sketches” what do you use? In other words I myself just have a typical notebook with lined paper and a #2 pencil that I take when say going to the beach to do quick concept drawings, or little sketches. When in my “Studio”…or (Man Cave), I may use a more quality sketch book and charcoal. My question is than what is your method or medium for quick concept sketches when not using your computer?
    If this has been reviewed before my appologies…..

  2. Tom says:

    I use a mechanical lead holder with a 2mm HB or F lead. I also have a lead pointer aka a sharpener for it, and use a kneadable and magic rub eraser.


New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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