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February 4th, 2008 | Posted in MAD Magazine


Mad Magazine Uses Pulitzer Winners to Tweak Bush

I’m assuming this article will be in MAD #487, out on the 19th of this month, but haven’t confirmed that yet with the staff. (UPDATE- Just got the info, yes, the article will be in MAD #487).

In short, the article entitled “Why George W. Bush is in Favor of Global Warming” features various reasons illustrated by 10 different Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonists. MAD did something similar a few years ago when they did a spoof on superheroes with a number of goofy hero parody characters each illustrated by some of the top names in comic book art. MAD doesn’t have much trouble getting people in the “humor business” to contribute to a spcial project like this, since “MAD Magazine” is usually listed among the influences and inspirations of the top comedians, humorists, cartoonists and satirists of the last half century.

UPDATE- Here is a list of the editorial cartoonists who contributed to the piece:

  • Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press
  • Steve Breen, San Diego Union-Tribune
  • Matt Davies, Journal News
  • Jack Higgins, Chicago Sun-Times
  • Dick Locher, Chicago Tribune
  • Jim Morin, Miami Herald
  • Mike Peters, Dayton Daily News
  • Joel Pett, Lexington Herald-Leader
  • Michael Ramirez, Investor’s Business Daily
  • Ben Sargent, Austin American-Statesman

The link above to the NY Times article also includes a slideshow of the art from the article. Here’s a direct link to the NYT slideshow


  1. Matt. says:

    Haha, This is going to be a treat.

    Looks like somebody’s ‘Heroes’ parody is making an appearance too.

  2. Antzo8 says:

    I love that cover, but I don’t get the topical reference in it, Alfred looks great as a hairy Commie stencil though…


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