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January 29th, 2008 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

I received this project right before I left on vacation and had to kick it out in extremely short order. The concept is a story about studio executives and anonymous comments made by directors and other movie makers about the good and bad things they do (mostly bad).

The job was for an L.A. based movie industry magazine, and it was to be in black and white… partly their choice and partly due to the time constraints. One full page and three spots with caricatures of specific studio execs. Since it was in black and white, I thought it would be fun to do a vintage 50’s movie poster concept for the main image. Here’s the initial idea:


I was going to suggest that I draw the edges of the poster slightly torn and curling and place it at an angle with a little brick wall showing in places long the edges… however they nixed the poster idea as this was not the title of the piece and they thought it would suggest that the entire article was derogatory towards studio execs (actually it was only about 99% derogatory, but who’s counting?). So I redid the composition a little and came up with this revision:


That was approved right away, and I lost a little sleep getting it that the following spots inked and scanned before leaving for my vacation. I spent some time on Sunday finishing up the grayscale washes in our condo on my MacBook Pro and my Intous:





What’s on the board this week:

New MAD Job- Two page spread I’ll be monkeying around on with a short deadline for an upcoming “concept issue”. Fun job with lots of inside gags.

Finals for Ad Job- for the west coast car storage company. I can probably hsare these shortly after I’m done with them.

Misc.- Private commission and a few personal projects.

Vacation… over…


  1. SteveH says:

    Welcome back! Hey, great work on the Executive poster. Looking forward to seeing the car storage company ad job!

  2. pmcmicheal says:

    Awesome work Tom…I love the “TIE” on the robot! I really feel bad for the creative and talented people who are constantly being held back by these suits! Every great script, Every brilliant concept, getting squashed by these dopes trying to preserve re-cycled ideas that have been successful in the past!!! You know the same old tired formulas! It has to be frustrating for the REAL TALENT bringing in the money!

    I don’t always respond, but I check your blog every morning when I get into work!!! Your link is in my bookmarks menu bar!

  3. Tom says:

    Thanks, guys!


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