An eBay Gem for Caricature Lovers!

December 12th, 2007 | Posted in News

My flat files are overflowing and my walls are covered with originals, so it’s time to start selling off some of the artwork I just don’t have room for anymore. Not mine… I can’t give that crap away. No, this piece I just put up on eBay is by legendary caricature illustrator Bruce Stark, and was published in TV Guide back in April of 1984:

Click for a closer look…

I bought this from Bruce a number of years ago. It’s a gorgeous acrylic painting measuring 14″ x 18″, showcasing his immense talents. My reserve is very low considering Bruce charges $1,000.00 for an original like this. It would make a great gift for a caricaturist or a terrific resource for studying a master’s illustration work. Included is the tear sheet from the 24 year old issue of TV Guide, and if the winner e-mails me saying they are a reader of The MAD Blog, I’ll throw in a piece of my original MAD artwork which should be good to use as a coaster for your coffee. Here’s a link to the auction.


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New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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