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September 14th, 2007 | Posted in MAD Magazine

When I got a call from MAD assistant art director Ryan Flanders about the “MAD‘s 50 Worst Things About Advertising” job he was pretty enthusiastic about the concept of using as many MAD artists as possible in the project. It’s a pretty cool idea, but I can imagine it was a production nightmare… cartoonists are by nature a little unpredictable and it is probably hard enough to get one person’s artwork in on a single job, let alone over thirty! Fortunately these spots were small and very quick and easy to bang out… I think I did mine in about two hours total, including a nap. Anyway here is my small contribution for the article:


It is pretty cool to see so many MAD artists represented. I wish the individual illustrations could have been a little more involved and given us a real showcase for some of the tremendous talents that work for MAD. I also wish that they would (or could) have recruited some of the past legendary artists to contribute. Along with Mort Drucker, Sergio, Al Jaffee, Paul Coker, Sam Viviano and Angelo Torres it would have been fun to see Jack Davis, Paul Peter Porges, Monte Wolverton, Bob Clarke, Harry North and Duck Edwing contribute. Maybe they were unavailable or not interested. I have no idea. Anyway it was still an impressive lineup.

The other article I did was a parody of reality shows and “America’s Next Top Model” in particular, but with a twist. “America’s Next Top Mobster” has the cast of “The Sopranos” hosting a reality show to find their next wise guy. A very clever script from Desmond Delvin, and who can complain about getting to draw the Sopranos crew? Here’s a few panels from that job:






  1. Matt. says:

    You really captured the Sopranos crew. It even looks better than the other Sopranos “behind the scenes” parody you did.

  2. cvanoni says:

    Nice Sopranos pieces, Tom!
    Fun and cartoony!

    I remember a MAD article I was thrilled with as a young buck that capitalized on the then popularity of Win, Lose or Draw/Pictionary.
    MAD had taken several phrases like, “Hitler’s Mother” and had various MAD artists do their take.
    I thought it was awesome to see so many familiar artists represented in one place!

    – Corbett


New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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